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Why I need a maid and who the heck am I?

So weird to be blogging again but feels good! My name is Karen and I live in Frisco, Tx and this is my new blog. I used to keep a blog but then I had a baby so... you know how that goes! My little boy is 8 months old now and I just started back at work.

I work in a nursing home here and I love my job! I'm am going to nursing school part time so I am busy, busy, busy! Let's see what else? I got married last year to my highschool sweetheart, Brian. I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about him!

Ok but this blog (I have several) is about this affair I'm having... with my maid. Looooool! I never thought I'd have a maid, real it just seemed like something only rich people had. I figured I would be able to handle the baby, the job school and my wifely duties no problem. And then I woke up! It was soooo impossible, that first week back to work was a nightmare! I felt like I was always trying to do six things at once and that I wasn't doing anything really well. Here was my schedule back then:

6:00 am Wake up, get the baby ready for daycare, get myself ready for work
7:00 am Breakfast for the family then racing out the door to drop Brian Junior off by 7:30 so I could be at work by 8:00 am
12pm Lunch hour running errands: bank, grocery store etc
4pm Leave work, pick the baby off drop him off at my mom's house
5pm Nursing school!
7:30pm Pick baby up and go home to make dinner, clean up and do laundry. Do homework.
12pm Finally lay down.

So yes, exhausting! My husband and I had no time together any more and then my whole weekend seemed to be spent doing all the things I didn't get to during the week. Brian works and goes to school too (law school!) so he is just as busy. After about a month of this I knew something had to give. Here we had this family now but we spent zero time together. We sat down and wrote a list of everything we had to do each day and each week, assigning time allotments for everything and guess what we figured out? Not only did we not have any extra time, we didn't even have enough time to do everything we had on the list! We were in the hole!

Something had to give. We realized that housework was the only thing on the list that we could outsource so we decided to look into getting a cleaning service once a week. We did a Google search for "maid service in Frisco" and we got a ton of companies popping up. I spent my lunch hour the next day calling around, here is what I learned:

  • There are literally dozens of cleaning services in this "little" town.
  • Some are flat rate and some are hourly.
  • Maid service is more affordable than I had imagined (yay!)
  • You better know what you are looking to have done and ask tons of questions!
Next post I'll tell you about my hit and miss experience interviewing potential cleaning services. TTYS!

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