domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

Housekeeper Semi Finals

So now I have pages and pages of "research" completed and Brian is like "Babe just please pick one for the love of God!"  but I'm torn between 3 companies that I liked over the phone so what I decide to do is to book all three! I booked a different cleaning service each week for three weeks. I figured that way I could see who I really liked and hire them. Plus, I love little experiments like that! I set the appointments up for a time where I cold be home even though I hoped in the future that I would be able to leave them a key.

So here are my reviews of each service, I'm not going to name names because well I don't know if I could get sued or something  so I'll just call them 1, 2 and 3!

Review of Maid Service #1: This is a big chain, they operate outside of Frisco and across the country too. I though their receptionist was a little crisp but she had all the right answers for me so I figured they are probably a good candidate. They sent three maids, I was only expecting two but supposedly the third one was in training so I was like score! Free maid! They were very serious ladies, not much chit chat but I figured that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. They didn't speak more than a few words of English which was surprising to me considering that this is a big national chain. Still, I was a first time cleaning service recipient so I just honestly wasn't sure what to expect.

The cleaning was.... beige. Lol I better explain! I could see they were working off of a list, they were showing the new maid how to be fast and follow the list. They were so fast that they actually finished my three hour service in two and a half hours. I honestly think they were going too fast. My mirrors had streaks and they didn't really scrub anything the way I would have if I was cleaning. Verdict: It felt like a surface cleaning and not the deep clean I was looking for.

Review of Maid Service #2: OMG this was a trainwreck. Only one housekeeper, it was an hourly service she shows up 20 minutes late and REEKS of cigarette smoke. I should have just sent her away but I just didn't have the heart, she was a sweet girl but really just a mess cleaning. For starters she didn't have a nice set of cleaning supplies like the first company had. Lots of dollar store stuff and she seemed to want to use bleach on EVERYTHING. I had to actually stop her from spraying Windex on my granite counter-tops (I almost fainted.)

I made her use my mop because hers was disgusting, I mean really scuzzy looking. Then when she was vacuuming it was like she was playing bumper cars with my furniture bam, bam, bam! She was just whacking everything. It was horrible. Verdict: hot mess, never again!

Review of Maid Service #3: Finally, I got lucky (third time's a charm!) This time two housekeepers and they were absolute angels (cleaning faeries?) They cleaned so deep that watching them I was actually realizing how dirty my house was (who knew?) They wiped my baseboards, they cleaned my ceiling fans, they polished the knobs on my sinks to an unearthly shine (going to tear up here.) I don't know what kind of products they used exactly but my house had that fresh, aired out smell. I tipped them handsomely and made them promise they'd come back. Verdict: I'm in love!

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