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How NOT to Interview a Maid Service

Hello again!! Ok so when I started to search for my ideal housekeeper this is what I wanted:

  • Someone who could clean and make my house look like a model home
  • A maid that I could trust 
  • A maid that was friendly (yes it is important!)
And that basically was it. Easy right? But I hadn't thought about a lot of other factors that would later be added to my wish list like finding a cleaning service that did background checks, finding one that was bonded and insured (thanks dad!) Oh and finding one that wouldn't use heinous toxic chemicals all over the floors where my baby is crawling around. But more about that later, when I started out I was naive and hopelessly optimistic!

Fr those of you that aren't familiar with the area Frisco, Texas is a suburb of Dallas I don't know if I could cal it suburban but it's not really urban either... high traffic suburb maybe? Wikipedia says there are 134 thousand people here so that's quite the burb! Check out Frisco, Tx on Wikipedia for more fun stats!

 I love that water tower it makes Frisco look like the small town it used to be when I was growing up! Wow I really got sidetracked didn't I? :)

Anyways, I was floored at the number of maid services in Frisco, I mean the competition is FIERCE! So I start calling but quickly realize that I'm in over my head. How does one go about this kind of thing in an orderly fashion? It didn't help that I looked up maid service reviews and found some real horror stories, I mean stuff that would make your toes curl... felony level stuff. So now I'm nervous. How do I make the right call?

I thought this article was pretty helpful: http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-a-Maid-Service but just too short, I needed more! So I decided to make a checklist for questions to ask a maid service and THAT is my next post here! Stay tuned! 

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